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Agni Faewarian Yuvulcan Pendant - LovAnaverse Store

Agni Faewarian Yuvulcan Pendant

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PLooking to add some magic to your life?

Express your inner fantasy with the Faewar Collection. Elegant, vibrant & mystical.

Our Faewar products are designed to the theme of the six Faewarian elements:

Luxa 🌟 Dima 🔮 Vayu 💨 Gaia 🍃 Agni 🔥 Jala 💧
Choose the one that calls to you, or collect them all to unlock the abilities of Arcane magic!

Agni Faewarian Yuvulcan Pendant

The Yuvulcan Pendant is encrusted with Magmar and blessed with the magic of Agni 🔥 Magmar - the sacred stone of Agni, is recognizable by it's blazing red glow. It is used for it's immense transformation properties, harnessing the element of fire, a bold symbol of passion and innovation.

The perfect pendant for channeling fire

  • Featuring enchanting red gemstones
  • A perfect match with the Yuvulcan Bracelet
  • Unisex - perfect for any fantasy lover
  • A great gift for a passionate friend

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